We know you haven't seen a tool  like this before, so we're sure you have questions.
Still can't see your answer - holler@cupsworks.com

I’m opening a shop and I’m still not sure how I should price my coffee. Can you help?
Yep. holler at us.

How long will it take to get my results?  
You should receive your full analysis within 30 minutes.

Why did you build this analyzer?
We’re happy you asked! We know that finding the happy medium between maximum sales and happy/healthy margins is important to your business. Understanding where your pricing falls in relation to your competition is key to keeping up with The Jonses.

How do you calculate averages?
We collected data from coffee shops across the USA and then built a magical tool. We could tell you but then we’d have to kill you.

Why is my city not listed?
We identified major coffee hubs and worked around the clock gathering intel but we haven’t canvassed the entire country...yet.

Will you share my pricing with other shops?
No. Your pricing will help our analyzer get smarter and calculate averages but we won’t share your pricing directly with anyone.

Can you analyze my full menu? / Provide further intel into consumption patterns..etc?
Absolutely. Holler at us!